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Writing… up or down?

Writing… up or down?

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You know that in phrasal verbs, the word that goes after the verb (the preposition or adverb) is very important and it’s what defines the meaning of the phrasal. So, if “write down” means “To set down in writing” then, what does “ write up” mean?

Write up” means to write a report or description of something, as for publication.

Notice the difference in these two examples:

  1. As an exercise for building self-esteem, she wrote down everything she hated about herself.
  2. I need you to write up a proposal for this idea, stating how to use it as a sales pitch.

The topic of writing is very common in songs. Actually, there have been many great singer-songwriters in pop history, classic writing partners like Lennon-McCartney or Jagger-Richards. Stuart Murdoch, the singer-songwriter who founded Belle and Sebastian, the Scottish indie pop band, write songs about the lives of dreamy loners, depressed students, and loves truck kids. In 2010 they released an album appropriately entitled Belle and Sebastian Write About Love. Listen here to its led single and title track: 

What about a gap-filling exercise? You can check the lyrics here.

In one line, we hear “it must make sense.” So here’s another exercise to practice make and do collocations.

When writing, always remember who the target reader is, and use the right style.

writing style