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Today we’ll cover a new adjective used to describe people.

street-smart adjective (US) –  streetwise (UK)

It is used to describe people with a lot of common sense and that know what is happening in the world. They understand all groups of people and know how to act and behave around them. They know how to deal with different scenarios and when to avoid potentially negative situations.

The detective was as street-smart as any of the criminals he had investigated.

Nowadays it is very important to teach children how to be street-smart.

Street Smart  is also the title of a 1987 film starring Christopher Reeve, Morgan Freeman and Kathy Baker. In fact, Morgan Freeman received an Academy nomination as “Best Supporting Actor” for his role, which boosted his acting career. You can see the official trailer below.

Garland Jeffreys is a Brooklyn-born singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist who has been largely acclaimed  by critics and who has earned a loyal international audience for his intelligent and passionate songs, covering a wide range of musical styles from rock and R&B to reggae and dance music, and singing both personal and political topics with great accuracy. An example of this is his 2011 song “Streetwise,” coming from the album The King Of In Between. You can listen to it in the video below and do this gap filling exercise focused on different grammatical tenses. After doing so, you can check your results here.

Hope you enjoyed it.