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Today let’s focus on an adjective. As you know, adjectives are used to describe, to explain and modify nouns. If our command of adjectives is limited, our descriptions will be limited as well. For example, the adjective “great” is widely used by most English-learning students. It’s applicable in many contexts, easy to remember and short. It’s OK to use it, but it is worth also having some other options at hand, for example, the adjective ROLLICKING, when referring more specifically to something that is great because it is extremely amusing and lively. In some contexts it may be used as a suitable synonym. Take a look at the following phrases that have recently come up in the media:

“At the end of another rollicking season”

“Toby Keith names a long list of heroes in his rollicking new single “That’s Country Bro.”

“The cricketing world took notice of his rollicking start against the West Indies.”

“The rollicking rock-musical won over the wildly applauding black-tie crowd.”

 In all these phrases “rollicking” is used to mean “joyful,” “boisterous,” or “merry.” Obviously, it is much better and specific than “great.” So remember, every time you see yourself overusing some word, think if you could replace it by a synonym. It will make your language richer and more colourful

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers have been one of the seminal bands in rock n’ roll history for nearly 40 years. Fusing American rock n’ roll and British Invasion pop, they have crafted real masterpieces in the genre. In 1991, they released Into The Great Wide Open, which included the hit with the same title. It narrated the story of one boy in search of the “rollicking” Hollywood life and his experience in it. You can watch the video in the link below and do the following gap-filling exercise. After you finish, check your answers here. As you can guess, you’ll be required to use the past simple to tell the story!


If you feel like giving it a further practice to past simple verbs, check out this great site and do the exercises. Good luck!

See you in the next one!