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Let’s take a look today at some phrases used for persuading others of your ideas or opinions. This may be quite useful in both our business and personal relations.

I’ve got to say that this little gathering has been really great!

We can’t go wrong if we decide to do that.

I’m totally convinced of it now.

I’m fully confident in the staff ability.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s interesting.

You really should look away now.

I can assure you of my confidence in each member of the team.

So now you have some phrases to use when you want to get your message across and want to persuade others that it’s the best thing to do!

Music-wise, in 1968, Etta James – the American R&B and soul singer- recorded a version of “Almost persuaded” in which she changed the original man’s perspective of the tune to fit her rendering. Now it is a woman who is about to be persuaded by a man’s charm. Listen to her amazing rendition in the link below and do the following gap filling exercise to improve your listening skills. When you’re done, check here how well you did!

As you could see, the song tells a story in the past. So here you have an exercise to practice the past simple tense. Good luck! 

See you round.