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Opinion matters

Opinion matters

Hello there!

Let’s take a look today at some useful expressions when stating one’s opinion and asking for someone’s opinion.

Most students just use a limited number of phrases, so let’s work on expanding this vocabulary.

First, when giving your opinion, most of us say “ I think ….,” which is OK but we can also say, for instance:

The way I see it, compared to other languages, English is easy to learn.”

If you want my honest opinion, violence should never be the way to solve problems.”

As far as I’m concerned, no job is perfect.”

Secondly, when asking for someone else’s opinion, one of the most common phrases used is “What do you think? However, there are others that can perfectly be used as well:

“If you ask me, you can know a lot about a person from the clothes he or she wears. What are your thoughts on this?

“There are actions we can take to stop global warming. How do you feel about that?”

“Table manners and etiquette have become less important in the 21st century. Wouldn’t you say?”

So bear in mind these simple phrases next time you need to state your opinion or ask someone for theirs.

In my opinion, few singers have ever been clearer when transmitting a message than the great Aretha Franklin. She recorded “Think” back in 1968 and soon became a feminist anthem. Enjoy this jewel and sing along.

Just at the beginning Aretha sings “Think about what you’re trying to do to me,” which brings us to the topic of dependent prepositions, a nightmare for many students. Try to do this exercise to check how well you deal with them.

Good luck