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Hanging out

Hanging out

Hello everyone

Today’s word is a very common verb which has over a dozen meanings, “ to hang.

As both, a transitive and intransitive verb, its meanings range from “fastening from above with no support from below”(suspend) as in “He wanted to hang many pictures on his bedroom walls” to “remaining suspended over a place or an object” (hover) as in “There were rain clouds hanging low over the corn fields.”

Colloquially, it can also mean “to spend one’s free time in a certain place”, often used with around or out: “l liked to hang out at the pool hall all night” or “to pass time idly, without doing anything of relevance,” as in “We were so tired that we spent the evening hanging at home.”

As a noun, a hangout is a favorite place for spending time or a place frequented for entertainment or for socializing. (Now you know where Google Hangouts come from!)

If you like pop-rock music, the late 70s was a great time for it. New Yorkers Blondie had a great success with their “Hanging on the Telephone” from their third album, the platinum-selling “Parallel Lines.” The track’s driving power and infectious melody would lead off the album and spearhead its commercial breakthrough.

Practice your listening skills by completing this gap-filling exercise with the lyrics to the song. After trying your very best at it, you can check it out here.

Hang on is a phrasal verb which means to wait a while, as in “Hang on a minute. I need to talk to you.” or to pause in a telephone conversation, as in “Please hang on until I get a pen.”

There are many phrasal verbs used in telephone conversations. You can do this exercise and check your knowledge. Good luck!

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