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“It was a pleasure for Canterbury College to work with the ELTE Language School. The students were extremely motivated and keen to learn. The Tutors were well organised and created a programme than enabled the students to have maximum exposure to the English language through workshops, visits and networking events.”

English Immersion Program for Professional – Canterbury March and July 2016 (Professor at Canterbury College, Kent UK)

“Last summer, I had the pleasure of attending an ELTE summer course in Canterbury. It was a great experience in many senses. First of all, the program was a bespoke plan for each of the students who participated, with many interesting topics. It was a small group, which means that we had an individual attention from the two trainers at every single moment. The immersion was total and the acquisition of the language came through daily and real situations as well as classes made in the fabulous Canterbury College were we met incredible teachers. In addition, we had a lot of fun while sightseeing awesome places and made a fantastic group of friends. In short, an enjoyable and unforgettable experience that I strongly recommend.”

English Immersion Program for Professional – Canterbury July 2016 (student working in the primary School Education sector)

“ELTE training program is a very interesting learning activity for professionals. It consists of some interactive classes, with presentations and evaluations, complemented with the fact that students are doing an immersion in English during all the day. The reduced number of students per teacher allows the constant correction of students’ expressions. It’s a very well organised and highly recommended learning experience for a professional that really wants to improve his/her English level.”

English Immersion Program for Professionals – Canterbury July 2016 (student working in Health Care Public Sector)

“This immersion course was a great experience. I learned to be aware of my mistakes and now I correct them immediately in my conversation. The course organisation was perfect, besides we did some activities around the city, which complemented the classes. The course exceeded my expectations. It was intensive, but it was not exhausting. I could practice usual and business language and make my conversation more fluent. I would like to take this course again”

English Immersion Program for Professionals – Canterbury July 2016 (student working in the building sector, senior project manager-BIM trained)