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6 Biggest Spiders in Florida

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6 Biggest Spiders in Florida

Updated on Venerable 20, 2019

Paul Goodman


Since graduating university, Paul has worked as a bookseller, bibliothec, and pedagog. Innate in the UK, he now lives in Florida.

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Distaff hunter wanderer with her egg sac. This species is broadly considered the biggest in Florida, oft stretch six inches crosswise. | Germ

Determinative which character of wanderer is the biggest in Florida is not as aboveboard as it sounds. This is because thither are dissimilar shipway of judgement how big a wanderer is. The sizing of a wanderer can be dictated by judgment 3 unlike factors. These are:

Sizing of its eubstance

Duration of its leg couplet

Weighting of its trunk

Considering apiece of these factors, I suffer listed under six spiders that are loosely considered to be Florida’s largest.

The Biggest Spiders in Florida

Gilded silk argiopidae, or “banana wanderer” (3 inches)

Savage wanderer (2 inches)

Nigrify and chicken argiope wanderer (1 edge)

Widow wanderer (1.5 inches)

Dad foresightful legs (2 inches)

Hunter wanderer (6 inches)

1. Gilt Silk Argiopidae (Banana Wanderer)

Sometimes called a banana wanderer by Floridians, the gilt argiopidae ( Nephila clavipes ) is nigh far-famed for its telling webs and impinging colouration. Although the males of this species are quite pocket-size (1/4 edge), females are unremarkably hardly nether iii inches crosswise (including leg couple).

The favorable silk argiopidae is a brilliantly dark-skinned wanderer with with xanthous and inkiness stripy legs. Lawful to their describe, they are splendid web spinners, and are known to habitus their cubic, orb-shaped webs in wooded areas exploitation chicken silk. With their promising color and heavy sizing, these spiders feel redoubtable. Nonetheless, their maliciousness is not harmful to sizeable adults, unless, naturally, the wanderer raciness becomes septic or the dupe has an allergy.

The comparatively harmless argiopidae, which is oftentimes called a banana wanderer, should not be disjointed with the Brazilian banana wanderer, which is far more belligerent and grievous.

Warm Facts





Females can be capable iii inches crossways

Bright bleached with stripy legs

Areas of heavy flora, too as urban areas


Detent thumbnail to sight life-sized

Sometimes, the fangs bequeath besides case one or two punctures in the pelt. These spiders, which alter in color but are normally brownness, are sometimes misguided for the lots more life-threatening brownness troglodyte.Spry Facts

Wildcat Wanderer

These big, haired spiders are plebeian in Florida and drive lots of interest for those with arachnophobia. They can acquire capable two inches in sizing, although their expectant bodies and blockheaded legs can shuffle them seem larger. Savage spiders ( Hogna lenta ) get heavy-looking bodies and yearn loggerheaded legs. They are usually institute hurrying is edubirdie reliable on walls both interior and out-of-door of buildings.

Savage spiders don’t bod webs. Organism highly truehearted runners, they employ their adroitness to do their hunt. Their briny nutrient rootage is cockroaches.

Wildcat spiders are prompt to chomp if they flavor threatened, but their chomp does not arrest malice that is considered medically pregnant. Lull, the chomp may be unspeakable and can case rubor and extrusion.Lucky silk argiopidae wanderer (Nephila clavipes) distaff, Jamaica. These spiders are commonly 3 inches crosswise. | BeginningA banana wanderer web in Merritt Island Subject Wildlife Recourse, Florida. The white-livered silk spun by the wanderer is fabulously stiff and has been put-upon to produce buzz vesture with. The webs are capable 3ft in diam, the wanderer sits in the midriff. | Germ2.





Capable two inches, but their hairsbreadth and blockheaded limbs can piddle them look bigger

Ordinarily chocolate-brown in semblance with expectant, hirsute bodies and foresighted boneheaded legs

On walls or in railyard areas

May batch a dreadful raciness, but its maliciousness is not serious

A brute wanderer in Delray Beach, Florida. These spiders are great and haired with boneheaded legs. They are commonly capable two inches in sizing. | Root

3. Melanize and Yellowness Argiope Wanderer

The lightlessness and yellowness argiope ( Argiope aurantia ), alias the penning wanderer, can be capable an edge in sizing and is well identified by its feature facile shell and yellow-and-black markings. This wanderer can commonly be institute on the outskirts of woodlands, and can be identified by its prominent, zig-zagging web. Argiope spiders typically fall top refine in the centerfield of their webs. Since these spiders birth pathetic seeing, they sail by flavor the vibrations in the duds of their web. The males of this species romance voltage distaff match by plucking and vibrating these duds.

Argiope maliciousness is gently toxic but is not considered medically meaning. It can be compared to a bee hustle, resulting in around inflammation and bump. This wanderer unremarkably lonesome bites when it feels treed or threatened.

Agile Facts





Capable one in

Melanise and yellow-bellied with stripy legs



Argiope aurantia is known by a kind of names including the aureate garden wanderer, lily-livered garden wanderer, nigrify and xanthous garden wanderer, maize wanderer, and penning wanderer. These spiders are unremarkably one in foresighted. | Origin

4. Widow Spiders

Thither are quartet species of widow wanderer who outcry Florida their domicile. These are:

Southerly Inkiness Widow

Northerly Lightlessness Widow

Browned Widow

Red Widow

The distaff widow is bigger than the manful, unremarkably measurement most 1.5 inches crosswise, including her legs. Different the former spiders on this name of the biggest spiders in Florida, the widow’s snack packs adequate malice to be considered medically pregnant, so you should sure assay aesculapian attending as presently as potential if bitten. Sole the distaff widow is unsafe. Males do not extend sufficiency malice to be considered medically meaning.

The southerly blacken widow and the brownness widow are those you are near belike to brush in Florida, as they be round buildings and early areas with piles of thrum dealings. The northerly blackness widow can just be establish in the panhandle region of the nation, and makes its web on low shoetree branches. As for the the red widow, this wanderer prefers bush and objects on the undercoat that it can tunnel nether.

The widow wanderer gets its diagnose from the distaff’s propensity to eat the manful later pairing. Scientists excogitate that she does this because the manly provides a beneficial rootage of protein for her underdeveloped youth. The exercise may too explicate why the ordinary life of the distaff widow is about 3 age, whereas the lifetime for a virile widow is upright one to two months.

What Happens If You Get Bitten by a Widow Wanderer?

Widows suffer a dread repute, but you are improbable to die if bitten by one of these vicious spiders. Children and the senior are more vulnerable to deadly wanderer bites, but about belike, you volition just have the undermentioned symptoms:

Symptoms of a Widow Raciness

Dangerous painfulness


Muscularity and ab cramps


Convulsions and tremors

Unreasonable hidrosis

Lesions in the snack region



Whether the symptoms seem to be grievous or not, if you are bitten by a widow, do not waffle to song 9-11 or your local exigency gist now. Likewise, try to continue equanimity to concentrate the spreading of maliciousness done the bloodstream, and ne’er use a tourniquet. If you can, bewitch the wanderer so that you can ascertain an precise recognition. In the clip ‘tween organism bitten and consulting a aesculapian master, implement a aplomb, wet fabric to the locate of the snack to concentrate bump and console the infliction.

What Is the About Virulent Wanderer in Florida?

Thither is not one wanderer that can be considered the virtually deadly in Florida, but many. The contenders for this championship admit:

Northerly Nigrify Widow

Southerly Blackness Widow

Brownish Widow

Red Widow

Brownness Troglodyte

Agile Facts





Females can be capable 1.5 inches crosswise

Sheeny blackbody, ordinarily with a red hourglass cast on the belly

Variable according to species


The classifiable red hourglass scoring on the bottom of a Southerly Melanize Widow. Different the over-the-counter spiders therein lean, widows are extremely deadly and can pay a life-threatening collation. Widows are normally 1.5 inches crossways. | Root

5. Dada Longsighted Legs

The condition “pop farsighted legs” is victimized to denote to two dissimilar species of arachnoid with belittled bodies and selfsame farsighted legs. The two species are Harvestmen ( Opiliones ) and basement spiders ( Pholcidae ). Although these are offprint species, many citizenry clamber to differentiate them asunder.


Harvestmen are really not spiders at all, although they are arachnids. They are more tight related mites and scorpions than they are to spiders. They suffer diminutive bodies, but vast leg spans.

Basement Spiders

Basement spiders besides suffer midget bodies and prominent leg spans, which is why they get disconnected with Harvestmen. Dissimilar Harvestmen, nevertheless, this species is really a wanderer. Their legs can be capable two inches yearn.

An Urban Caption

Both Harvestmen and basement spiders are totally harmless. Scorn this fact, an urban caption exists that says dada yearn legs are the nearly vicious animals on the satellite, but they are ineffectual to injury humankind because their fangs are too pocket-size to jailbreak tegument. This urban caption has no base actually. Primarily because neither Harvestman nor basement spiders birth spite glands.

Straightaway Facts





Capable two inches farsighted

Pocket-size, brownish eubstance with selfsame yearn legs

Below logs and rocks


The basement wanderer, or pop farsighted legs, commonly spans around two inches. | Seed

6. Hunter Spiders

Hunter spiders are really an encroaching species from Asia. They are sometimes called the titan beef wanderer, and are loosely establish in the southerly end of the province, where the mood is to their liking. The eccentric constitute in Florida, Heteropoda venatoria, has a trunk distance of some an in and a leg bridge that can extend capable fivesome inches. As with many spiders, the females are bigger than males.

Comparable the wildcat wanderer, this wanderer does not habitus webs. Rather it relies on curve speeding and the forcefulness of its jaws to trace and pop its predate. Piece their raciness is virulent, it is too imperfect to be considered medically meaning, causation but localised infliction.

Warm Facts





Capable six inches, including the trunk and legs

Identical expectant and brownness, sometimes err for an oversize brownness withdrawn

Shoetree barque, homes, sheds, barns, and vehicles


A Hunter wanderer. This species can be capable six inches longsighted. | Reference

What Is the Largest Wanderer in the Earth?

The largest wanderer in the humanity is the giant bird-eating tarantula ( Theraphosa blondi ). Spanning capable one base in personify duration, this wanderer uses its monumental trunk and one-inch-long fangs to ingest birds and otc types of inauspicious raven. Spell this wanderer’s snack is not deathly to humankind, it is super unspeakable and may termination in sickness and luxuriant perspiration. The colossus besides has hairs terminated it soundbox that volition spud outward when it feels threatened. In fiat to monish potency offenders, this wanderer makes an eerie fizzle vocalize that can be heard capable 15 feet out.

A aborigine to S America, Floridians don’t get to concern most encountering this scarey, and mammoth, wanderer.

What Is the Smallest Wanderer in the Humans?

The smallest wanderer in the mankind is the patu digua, spanning solitary .37 mm crossways, around fifth the sizing of the brain of a pin. The beginning samples of this wanderer were poised in Rio Digua, Columbia.

What Is the Biggest Wanderer Always Recorded?

The largest wanderer e’er recorded was a manful behemoth bird-eating wanderer observed in Venezuela in 1965, according to Guinness Reality Records. The wanderer spanned 11 inches crossways, farseeing plenty to blanket a dinner denture.


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This subject is exact and rightful to the better of the author’s noesis and is not meant to replacement for courtly and personalized advice from a dependant master.

© 2015 Paul Goodman