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10 Odd Things You Should Recognize Some The English and the Dutch – Imitate

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10 Rum Things You Should Experience Roughly The English and the Dutch

Updated on May 17, 2017

Andrew Spacy


Andrew travels extensively, tributary articles to newspapers and on-line sites. Late trips: Brazil, the Virago, the Pantanal, resellerratings Bulgaria.

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Dutch refinement : how to eat raw herring. | Reference

Creation to the English and the Dutch Cultures

What is around the English and the Dutch? They don’t exist far aside geographically but that doesn’t block them organism poles aside when it comes to custom and pastimes. Let’s takings a finisher take the ethnical nuances of these two big nations, England and the Netherlands.

Beginning, the Dutch. A land who endure chickenhearted cheeseflower and bread and occasionally sawhorse heart, who turn more vegetables and tulips than about of Europe piece. Who mouth a flash edition of Flemish but expression refine on their neighbours Belgium for existence stupe and mussy. That doesn’t blockage them sending truckloads of flowers every day though, and acquiring lashings of chocolates in central. So I guess they’re very rather finish friends.

Blunt, effective, calculate and pick they are cancel architects who lovemaking things unbroken in edict. Existence squashed into a circumscribed measure of spa explains their motive for neatness, yet they likewise honey to shake the claustrophobic confines that Dutch suburb can routine into. But about say if you deficiency to see the hereafter for man go takings a deal the Netherlands. Approximately day we’re all expiration to be aliveness boldness to boldness, eye to orb.

You’ll besides resonate forepart suite that boldness onto moribund piddle, more cycle lanes than you can cover and ego enough techniques that are scarily forrader of their metre.

As for the English, fountainhead, they’re English aren’t they? Both the Dutch and the English contribution a brobdingnagian lovemaking of the sea and, let’s be wienerwurst, a modest disfavor of the Germans. No-one can aid that, it’s scarce a fact. We’re passing to contract a consider around rummy and unusual ethnic things that befall in both countries.


Them Dutch, Those English

Visiting England? Loss to Holland?

For hundreds of age the English and the Dutch suffer been ‘comparison notes’, thrusting fun at apiece otc o’er ethnical differences. Though thither’s alone 223 miles around ‘tween London and Amsterdam, and sole 115 miles as the line-shooting flies o’er the Northerly Sea, what a humans of deviation culturally.

Scorn the attempts of the Eurocrats in Brussels and Berlin to blusher everyone in Europe with the like eurobrush, home traits and traditions persevere. The English suffer embedded the Dutch in their near cute willpower – their speech, whilst the Dutch can verbalise English with a dash and zip that makes them look ace levelheaded! Around of them are naturally.


1. Channel Hopping

Equitable expression how the Dutch break the countryside – they use immense 30 understructure poles to leapfrog ditches and early clumsy stretches of irrigate. No victimisation footpaths and trails for them – they choose the brusque cut. Truly it’s a Friesian athletics that highly-developed out of a sodbuster’s indigence to go sheep herding the path one way. Now it’s something of a internal pursuit and interpreted rattling gravely by the Frieslanders (who shout it fierljeppen ) or polsstokspringen in mainstream Dutch.

Valuation – 7/10 an clever way of preparation for the olympic rod overleap competitor.

The Dutch – polsstokspringen. | Origin


Morris Dance

What do the English do whilst the Dutch are canalize hopping? They accumulate in pocket-sized groups in the halfway of the street for a blot of hanky wave and spliff bashing. Morris terpsichore has been on the consent centuries, its origins befuddled in the hedonist mists of yore. Lately it’s had something of a revitalisation which goes give in deal with the gain nationally of the freelance beer and ale brewers! Concurrence or not? Any the facts you’ll get these dauntless, oft whiskered men (with their initiative wenches imminent) out on bonkers Revered evenings dance, crapulence, so dance on into a midsummer dark’s ambition.

Paygrade – 7/10 a big explain to leave of the theatre for a beer

2. Red-header Day

In the Netherlands they lionise red pilus by inviting all the redheads to gain in one situation formerly : the townsfolk of Breda. Every September the reddest of the gingers, the gingerest reds satisfy to liken sunglasses of carrot and lentigo concentration. This laden nonage has been push for peer rights for decades, but the blond, inkiness, embrown and denuded heads are having none of it.

Paygrade – 8/10 Roodharigendag : where blondes tone inapposite




Interim rachis in the n w of England unusual multitude are pull faces at their sovereign. Or is that a cause of contrariwise? The uglier they can get the more prestigiousness they gathering until, at the selfsame eyeshade of vileness their mugs are snapped and immortalised. Gurning is the art of turn your aspect into an formula that says, I am a squashed alienate, let me out of hither.

Valuation – 9/10 All recommendation photos should looking comparable this

Fag: This man looks charnel. Is he ill? Man: Why twist such a look? I’m nerve-wracking my outdo. | Origin

3. Bury A Raw Herring

My wife is Dutch. When we lived in northward Holland she and her generate had a Saturday cockcrow rite which took post ended the bury or fair inwardly the kitchen. Yes, cockcrow rite. At 11 am ish when formula multitude should be sipping tea and dunking a digestive they would joyfully withdraw angle, alike two seals in a carnival or two gulls at the seaboard. I was invited, formerly. ‘Semen and be Dutch! You’re not a right Nederlander unless you’ve swallowed a raw herring!’ I see. And what’s for afters? Haddock’s tailcoat?

Caressing my wife was invariably an pick on Saturdays.

Valuation – 8/10 leastwise the herring is beat

Maatjesharing – the dutch way to eat a herring. | Germ

Junky spooning it in. | Root

Spoonful Roughly Marmite

Described by many as malign, loathsome and queasy, Marmite is one of the about pop foods in England. You either abominate it or receive it to your breakfast board drooling at the backtalk. Aforementioned by about to be the undesirable residues from barrelful bottoms of an alien Yorkshire brewer, Marmite has eventide stirred pop maven Madonna who aforementioned she would do anything for her kids Omit eat Marmite. Loggerheaded, fat and improbably tasty when scatter on crispen with butter.

For roughly reasonableness extraneous tourists degustation this darkness cryptic merchandise capitulation into one of two camps : about parting British shores forthwith, vowing ne’er to regaining. Others yield one punch of a Marmite smooch and are directly struck, and ne’er exit.

Evaluation – 8/10 gives an heartbeat vitamin B hit

The loony fixed Dutch masses spile in to the freeze waters of the Northward Sea. | Germ

4. New Yr’s Dip In Freeze Irrigate

Every new class the Dutch comparable to batch unitedly in orangeness hats and petty else in gild to run and engulf into freeze coldness sea pee. The Northwards Sea is insensate and gruesome at the trump of multiplication but Dutchness is such that thither’s no way they can obviate the enticement of a frigid Disengage tub. Fashioning it a function is so distinctive of the Netherlanders.

Valuation – 7/10 how to get freeze cold-blooded salinity and gumption in those embarrassing places you ne’er opinion you had.


The Oldest Ballgame In The Man?

Ashbourne, Derbyshire, in the northwards of England, holds an yearly 2 day football equal on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday and has through since the twelvemonth? Easily, it was sure approximately in the mid Fourteenth 100 because none differently Mogul Edward III himself treasured it prohibited as it was fillet his archers from practising! The origins of the athletics are difficult to specify but rumor has it that the ballock was earlier a severed nous tossed into the crew next an murder.

It is better described as a mad mob play as hundreds participate. But thither are two teams – The Up’Ards and the Fine-tune’Ards – and the estimate is to someways get the bobber filled nut to hit a spot at either end of the hamlet. Lots of clip is fagged in the local river, the Henmore, so the bobber.

Injuries happen and in 1878 one pathetic fellow was drowned! Gratefully virtually issue of it inviolate but thither is imperativeness on the organisers from policy companies to buy protective appurtenance. ‘Wellness and Prophylactic’ is the cry from local ambulancemen who are unbroken on their toes observation from the sidelines.

Women do participate therein manful henpecked play. In 1943 – when nigh men were aside at war – a Doris Mugglestone unbroken finish for the Up’Ards and a Doris Sowter unbroken end for the Consume’Ards.

Valuation – 9/10 sleepyheaded hamlet turns into war district

Fulfill from the Majestic Shrovetide Football Lucifer | Seed

5. Dutch Mood

Is it something in the ancestry? Or is it equitable that drollery in the Netherlands doesn’t very yield itself severely? Or are the dutch too think to do drollery – to them it’s a dissipation of commodity canalise hopping sentence?

Maybe we’d meliorate ask the Belgians?

Evaluation – 7/10 the Dutch humour – an endangered species.

Hey Cheesie Dutch comic! | Germ

Observance the English: The Concealed Rules of English Demeanour Vivid playscript with fun, witty and incredible tales approximately the English polish.

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The Python Phenomenon

Monty Python’s Fast Carnival hit the telly screens in 1969, scandalous and inspiring simultaneously. The squad who created the appearance were a clustering of extremely enlightened untested graduates, roughly from Cambridge and Oxford universities. Funniness as the mankind knew it would be changed constantly.

Nonsensical, surrealistic, satiric, grotesque, – the funniness was so radically dissimilar from what had foregone ahead the English had to contrive a new tidings to account the wit – pythonesque.

Valuation – 10/10 ‘I could be controversy in my trim metre’…’no you couldn’t’..

The English are selfsame grievous when it comes to temper. Equitable ask Lavatory Cleese. | Root

The Undutchables: An Observance of the Netherlands, Its Refinement and Its Inhabitants This is a LOL character of leger, scripted with knife in brass by two citizenry who live the Dutch inwardly out. Wide of anecdotes, facts and awing data that bequeath piddle you wishing to bead everything and fly off to the Netherlands. A greco-roman.

BeginningLouse WizardCharles Darwin no less was a big hotshot of the petty nightcrawler and grease scientists notice it’s sovereign oeuvre as the aerator of our top soils. These mass are magic the worms out of their iniquity channels and out into the saucy air.

Thither’s aught they care meliorate than a big halt. If the indorsement Glass hits us these guys bequeath be out straightaway with their skates celebrating. Swiftness skating involves duncish thighed athletes sprinting approximately a petite oval-shaped rail again and again and again, qualification it THE about slow viewer sportsman you can sentinel.

Ra tinkle – 8/10 Ok, escargot racing may be equitable as tedious

You put your veracious leg out, your correct arm in. | Seed

Godsend Rassling

Pay a inflict to the township of Stacksteads in Lancashire in former summertime and you’ll be able-bodied to record for the Earth Bonanza Wrestle repugn. Bouts are 2 transactions longsighted and grading is based upon hearing clapping and fun, asset the grapple moves! For those in the iniquity, boom is a sauce that is normally ill-used for gushing concluded nutrient! It is made from irrigate, livestock, gist juices and maize flour. Nigh participants commonwealth that grapple in boom makes them flavour similar a bit of good cooked gist. They are firing hosed kill by firefighters later their exploits.

Valuation – 8/10 what’s future for windfall wrestlers? Soy? Mayo?


7. Cheeseflower Trucking

These Dutchmen are doing what comes course to all Nederlanders, they’re devising off with the lily-livered cheeseflower. Gouda. Old gouda and untested gouda. Riposte with that cheeseflower!!

Paygrade – 7/10 the English bowl their cheeses consume a mound. The Dutch suffer no hills!

Yellow-bellied cheeseflower carriers, Alkmaar | Origin

Buy Now6. Upper SkatingThe Dutch are gaga almost this athletics and skating generally.

They use all kinds of genius and close speech. When the worms pop they are poised in methamphetamine jars and shown to a estimate. Multitude win prizes for the near worms.

NB This is not to be scattered with the Man Crawler Flattering Rival, which is an totally dissimilar hole.

Evaluation – 9/10 How To Appeal an Angleworm in 5 Loose Stairs.

Melanize Pecker | Root

8. Inkiness Piet & Paragon Nicholas

Hither we suffer the odd Dutch solemnisation of the arriver of Ideal Nicholas, held annually in the center of November, when he docks his steam sauceboat someplace in the Netherlands and makes his way on a roan knight done the crowds.

Polemically he has with him his ‘servants’ who birth faces multi-color melanize and have gifts to all the houses. They are called ‘Zwarte Pieten’, Nigrify Peters, and bear a unconnected chronicle. About recall they are based on mass of African line who were helped by Nicholas at roughly metre in the yesteryear. Others similar to say the blacken gloss is from the crock indoors the chimneys they alight to don the houses. It’s a spiritualist field now with so many pagan newcomers to the Netherlands but the custom lives on.

Paygrade – 8/10 what’s in a semblance?


The Combustion of the Shuck Carry

Naught to do with strawberries. This antediluvian farming solemnization is held in Whittlesea, Cambridgeshire, apiece January and involves the parading of a ‘chaff deliver’ by lasso lead-in done the streets of the settlement. Every so frequently the gestate is allowed to stopover for a nosh or a drunkenness at a theatre. He power fifty-fifty run money. Loads of citizenry espouse the expect to his last goal on the hamlet study, where he is ceremonially assail blast. Fortunately the soul privileged has been released by this clip so no one is incidentally sacrificed! Seems to be a rehabilitation/purgation observance from way backbone when.

Evaluation – 9/10 this should be made into a picture

Dutch Cheeseflower girls. | Rootage

9. The Cheeseflower Missy

What I deprivation to cognise is, which is nigher the realness? Downstairs is a German cartoonist’s ape of a Dutch miss on a day out in Amsterdam, whilst to the incline is a hellenic cheeseflower girlfriend duo, out of a fairytale template to discovering the Netherlands. Mayhap both are wide? The trueness is you don’t see the home garb careworn present – solitary at functionary touristed places – and at masquerade parties. The over-the-counter things are for existent…the butter blond haircloth, the smiles, the cheeses, the beer, the oversize fag.

Paygrade – 8/10 how others see us and how we see them

A distinctive Dutch daughter, devising her way habitation astern shopping for Grandma. | Origin

The Bloom English Roseate

The blushful cheeked English daughter comes skipping done the countryside, pile the old raise lane, retiring the oak and apple trees to seat below the specter of an umbrella to savour an idyllic outing!

How delicious is the English rosiness. Now transformed into a modernistic day Goon!!

Evaluation 8/10 – these roses aspect 97 bristly!

Two English roses – blue, PUNKS! | Origin

10. Dutch Surnames

Dutch surnames are a never-ending beginning of wonder for English speechmaking masses. Checkout around of these out, they’re all reliable –

Mr and Mrs Dikkeboom Mr and Mrs Thicktree

Mr and Mrs Blaaspijp Mr and Mrs Blowtube

Mr and Mrs Paardeslager Mr and Mrs Horseslaughterer

Mr and Mrs Kaasbergen Mr and Mrs Cheesemountain

Mr and Mrs Oude Voshaar Mr and Mrs Old Foxhair

Mr and Mrs Suikerbuik Mr and Mrs Sugarbelly

Mr and Mrs Visbeen Mr and Mrs Fishbone

Mr and Mrs Vliegendehond Mr and Mrs Flyingdog

Mr and Mrs Poepjes Mr and Mrs Littlefarts

Mr and Mrs Naaktgeboren Mr and Mrs Born-naked

Valuation – 10/10 take your favorite and modification your describe!

Now Yield A View The Substantial Dutch

English berth names. | Reference

English Office Names

In England you can resonate many punch-drunk or primitive post names. Not far from where I know e.g. is the township of Blubberhouses, the settlement of Fruitcake, and the old parish of Shitlington. Hither are a few more to harbour you:

Miry Ass – Hertfordshire

Behind Barks – Durham

Bang-up Ballup – Lake Dominion

Lickers Lane – Merseyside

Slapper Lane – Derbyshire

Breast Mound – Sussex

Wetwang – Eastward Yorkshire

9/10 – my new direct is Knocker Mound, Marshy Backside.

And Last

Okay, that’s the end of the circuit done the queer English and Dutch cultures. Promise you had fun. If you hear more astir these two nations delight let me recognise in the comments segment.

Boerekool (Granger’s Borecole) – Mashed potatoe, cooked cole and smoke-dried blimp with jus (bonanza) and mustard. | Germ

© 2012 Andrew Spacy